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Refereed Papers (21)

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Books (1)


DeLuca, C., Willis, J., Harrison, C., Cowie, B., & Coombs, A. J. (Under Contract, Completion June 2022). Learning to assess: Cultivating assessment capacity in teacher education. Springer.


Book Chapters (3)


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Practitioner Articles (3)

Piekarski, L., Coombs, A. J., & DeLuca, C. (2021). Supporting early career teachers in classroom assessment. Canadian Teacher Magazine.

DeLuca, C., Coombs, A. J., & Ge, J. (2019). Former à évaluer les élèves en classe: Une perspective canadienne sur les programmes de formation initiale des enseignants [Training to Assess Students in the Classroom: A Canadian Perspective on Initial Teacher Education Programs]. Administration et Éducation, 165(1), 249-255.


Coombs, A. J., DeLuca, C., & LaPointe-McEwan, D. (2018). Beyond trial and error: How early career teachers navigate the challenges of classroom assessment. Education Canada, 58(3).


Evaluative and Technical Reports (4)

LaPointe-McEwan, D., Coombs, A. J., & Klinger, D. (2017). Bachelor of Education satisfaction survey: Key findings and recommendations. A technical report for the Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, (pp. 44).

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Editorials (2)

Coombs, A. J. (2019). The importance of a supportive collaborative culture. Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education 10(2), 5-6.

Coombs, A. J. (2019). 10 Years of CJNSE. Canadian Journal for New Scholars in Education 10(1), 1-3.


Theses and Dissertations (3)

Coombs, A. J. (2021). How early career experiences shape teachers’ approaches to assessment. (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation). Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada.

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Other Articles (7)

Coombs, A. J. (2020, June). How does teacher education influence teacher candidates’ assessment literacy? Research in a Nutshell, 4(3).

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